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Tapping into Qi

Sunday, November 2, 2003

   I must thank all of you for the outpouring support for my last article on Eight Mansions Feng Shui. After the article came out, I had a number of readers ask me what the meaning of 'auspicious' and 'inauspicious' Qi really was and more importantly, how the could apply it correctly in their own homes and offices.

    Before I jump into this article, I just wanted to clarify that Ba Zhai or 8 Mansions Feng Shui is a multiple part system of Feng Shui. The various techniques contained within these systems are regarded as somewhat straightforward and hence simple to apply. What I am discussing with you; the Life Gua application method, is merely a fraction of this larger technique. It simply utilizes personal directions and locations based on a person's birth date.

    Picking up where we left off the last time, after you have determined your Life Gua, you need to TAP into the beneficial Qi. We will attempt to answer the question of HOW and with WHAT next.

    Students and readers familiar with my articles may already know what I am about to go into next - there are three crucial factors to look at when assessing Feng Shui. Whatever else you may consider, make sure these three items are at the top of your 'To Be Checked' list.

    The first is the Main Door. It would be ideal to have your main door facing one of your favorable directions - this is measured by standing inside your home, facing out.

    If your focus in life at this point is more towards wealth creation or in linewith improving your career, I recommend you use the Sheng Qi direction. If you are buying or renting a house, then look for one that has the main door facing this direction.

    Of course, if you are already living IN the house than what are your options? There are many ways you can still salvage the situation, one of the more popular ways is as follows:

    But let us assume that a West group - Gua 6 person is using the above method and certain restrictions prevent him from tiliting the door to another direction. What can he then do to rectify the situation?

    The method I am about to reveal to you was initially shared with me by a very famous Feng Shui Master. He let me know that in Hong Kong, apartment living was the rule rather than the exception (what with the limited land space and all). So many people who lived in apartments usually were not able to tilt the door as they wished. Here is how you can help the situation should you now want to apply the Eight Mansions' Life Gua Method.

    The screen now redirects the entrance Qi to West. And West for a Gua#6 person is his Sheng Qi direction.

    Consider your sleeping and working direction next. This is the second factor to be measured. If you want to improve your health, get in shape quickly or receive help from your colleagues at work; I recommend using the Tian Yi or Heavenly Doctor direction.

    A common misconception beginners make is to measure the facing of the feet as the sleeping direction. It is actually measured from the headboard; the direction you're your head points to when you are sleeping.

    Position your bed in such a way that it taps INTO your good directions. Of course when you are repositioning your bed, do take note of the basic principles of room arrangement. For example, even though you may be sleeping in your favorable direction, you should still avoid sleeping under an overhead beam or position your bed in such a manner that the room door opens up directly onto your bed.

    This is similarly applicable in the work place with your office desk. Make sure your work desk allows you to FACE the direction that benefits your position or goals. As an example, if your work involves dealing with people - sales, marketing or public relations activity, I suggest you use the Yan Nian (Longevity) direction. This direction helps promote relationships and foster good understanding and communication. Tapping into this direction helps you achieve these goals and will inadvertently support you in your career.

    Should your love life and relationships require some improvements, then the Yan Nian direction is your best bet in contrast to Sheng Qi or Tian Yi.

    My parting advice would be to choose your stars (directions), wisely. Even though the Sheng Qi direction may be 'good' or the best, it may not necessarily be what you need. You will need to exercise some discretion is deciding what is best suited to your situation in life and tailor this to your goals. Also, don't be too paranoid when applying this Life Gua methodology. I have had people go so far as to tailor their toilets to cater for a good direction when they are using the WC. A good acid test when assessing whether a living environment is required to face a good direction is to see how much time you will be spending there - a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes. If it is less than 30 minutes, don't spend needless resources in worrying about it.

    Our article for this month discusses directions - the next time around, we will focus on locations and how these two differ in the context of Feng Shui.

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