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Rave Review

Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to learn, to enjoy and to collect all this BaZi information.

Petra Hartung, Germany
(BaZi Mastery Series™ Module 3
on 22 Oct 2004
in Germany)

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Every life can be a full life if it has been lived such to make every day count.
In The News
Feature Perfect

APRIL 2005 Issue

By Ngim Siew Lee

The Chinese art of face reading –mian xiang – foretells a person's character and fortune through the physical appearance of the face. Although mian xiang bears similarities to the Western art of physiognomy, which mainly predicts one's character, its origins can be traced back to the Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) Period between 2697 BC and 2597 BC.

A Fishy Story

MARCH 2005 Issue

Article written by Joey Yap

It seems, a very agitated Mrs Chan had the unfortunate coincidence of having one of her fishes go belly up on her. She was distraught – not because the fish had died- but because she had heard somewhere that when her pet goldfish dies, it has literally ‘sacrificed' its life to protect Mrs Chan's.

The Feng Shui Master

FHM Magazine
Jan 2005 Issue

By Damian Tan

What ‘s all this feng shui business about? Feng shui is the art of harnessing the energies of the environment, known as Qi, to better our lives. Classical feng shui, which is what I practice refers to ancient texts, and has more to do with location, direction and how you use your space.

Go where the 'Chi' flows

Thursday, November 4, 2004

By Ruhayat X

Just because you have dragon in your home doesn't mean you've become an emperor, Joey Yap states coolly. He is talking about the practice of having dragon motifs or sculptures around in the hope of attaining power in life.

Joey Yap's The Ten Thousand Year Calendar Book In MPH's Bestseller List

Sun October 17,2004 (The Star)

MPH Bookstores has ranked Joey Yap's The Ten Thousand Year Calendar: The Definitive Reference for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Book as its sixth best-selling book in its stores nationwide, earning a place in its weekly list beginning October 2004.

Feng Shui not all about big changes

Saturday, October 2, 2004

By Charles Fernandez

There are many bogus feng shui master out there and principal and founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Joey Yap said one way of testing them was by asking many questions to test their knowledge in this field.


By Choo Li-Hsian

Leveraging on wind and water, young master Joey Yap has created a rising global enterprise dealing in ancient Chinese wisdom.

Tue Jan 13,2004 (China Press)

By Pang Ji Ni
Globe-trotting gurus
Sat June 7,2003 (The Star)

By Lee Siew Peng

For RM10,000, would you rather have a fantastic round-the-world holiday, or a feng shui mastery class in Oxford? LEE SIEW PENG speaks to the peripatetic professionals of feng shui
Feng shui, schmeng shui?
Sat June 7,2003 (The Star)

By Lee Siew Peng

With so many feng shui “experts” out there, how do you tell the real from the ersatz? Joey Yap gives us a few pointers.

June Issue, 2003 (The Entrepreneur Magazine)

True feng shui
Sat May 31,2003 (The Star)

By Lee Siew Peng

Feng shui: a line of work plagued by charlatans, or a respectable, reputable means of making a living? LEE SIEW PENG meets a young man set on giving this ancient art a good name.
With determination to succeed
Mon April 7,2003 (New Straits Times)

By Anuja Ravendran

Joey Yap is a man of grit and determination. He is also every passionate about the field that he dabbles in : feng shui.