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Joey Yap's
Feng Shui & Astrology

World Tour Schedule

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Kota Kinabalu


Mar 2018

10am - 5pm

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Ho Chi Minh

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San Francisco

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The Year of The

Earth Dog

As the Year of the Fire Rooster draws to a close, the one burning question we all ask – what’s in it for me this 2018?

What should I do next?

Each year, Joey speaks to more than 30,000 attendees in his signature event, The Feng Shui & Astrology seminar in major cities across the world.
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See what others have said about Joey and our past events

Marc Olivier Rinchart, Belgium
“I would greatly advised our students or other BaZi consultants to come for this class because it will have more specific answers to give people who are very business oriented. At least with this course, it will be able to help them do the best.”
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Marie, France
“It’s really eye opening and makes life easier. Chinese Metaphysics is quite a difficult subject for Westerners, but the way Joey teaches it is easy. He makes it easy to understand and he makes it look simple. ”
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Prima Subberwal, Hong Kong
“A very nice learning experience and very helpful to me. Although I’m a housewife, I do use it a lot. I use it for my husband’s career, for friends, for family. Definitely Chinese Metaphysics has helped my daily life as well.”
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Richard, New York
“It’s very interesting to me regarding the interconnectedness of everything and the more in-depth you learn, the more you find that the interconnectedness in everything has a lot of different applications in life. Joey has a lot of examples and keys on where to look for that. It’s a continuous journey which is quite fast paced to me.”
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It's not about decorating
your home to look like
a chinese restaurant."

Wouldn’t it be great if you could paint your door red or dye your hair the color of your element to attract good luck? Maybe wear a lucky number charm wherever you go for abundant good fortune? Or place a Fortune Cat to usher good luck in hopes of gaining wealth quickly?
Unfortunately, that’s not we are about. Classical Feng Shui is really about tapping into an invisible force known as Qi. It is the study of Qi that comes from the natural environment and how to benefit from it.
In the event, you’ll also be introduced to other root systems in Chinese Metaphysics including Qi Men Dun Jia, BaZi, Yi Jing, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, 8 Mansions, Plum Blossom Divination, Date Selection and the Art of Face Reading.

Top 5 Benefits for Being Here

Tickets to most of our popular locations are sold out weeks before the event. If you are new to this and want a few quick reasons for not missing it this year, here are 5 for your consideration.

Catch The Next Wave Before It Catches You

What’s it really worth to just stay ahead of the pack? Get an instant boost to what you are already doing or planning to do in the near future. Sharpen your game with insights across industries, trends and patterns through the power of foresight. Start ahead and stay ahead of your game.

Accelerate Your Career, Business & Investment

Looking for a career change, eyeing a promotion or starting a business? Acquire better optics and decision-making tools. The right knowledge and right resources in the right place can accelerate your business and career success.

Transform Your Life

How important is health to you? Would having a way of detecting health concerns be useful to you right now? What about relationships? Wondering how to manage a sticky situation or have some burning questions?

Create Your Personal Path

Destiny is not cast on stone. No one can predict the future. And we don’t do fortune telling. In a world of information overload, getting clarity on your own personal path is critical. You will learn as much about yourself as the future trends through our systems and strategies.

Unlearn What You've Been Taught

It’s no surprise that with the amount of noise created by the internet age, a lot of people are getting into Chinese Metaphysics with let’s just say, inaccurate ways. On the other end of the spectrum, many will also find it close to impossible to implement ancient wisdom in a modern world when one stays too close to the academic teachings. If you fall into one of these categories, it’s about time to see for yourself what works and how it works.
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Joey Yap

Dato' Joey Yap is the celebrated and global bestselling author with more than 166 books published and counting. His literary work has been translated and published in every continent of the world, making it to the local best sellers list on numerous occasions and sold more than 4,200,000 copies.
Some of the bestsellers published have also earned The Merit Award from The Asean Book Publisher Association. He is a passionate and internationally renowned speaker who is highly sought after in business communities and corporate events. His talks have an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation.
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